Thank You!

None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.

I’m not sure if it is possible to put into words how much the whole of the RCG team is thankful for you. Yes you reading this post! Wether you reading this in your email browser or on Google Chrome, whether you’re a teenager or an adult. We would like to say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. If your one of the 255 American people, over 2000 British people, 20 French people or just one of the kind and selfless South African people who view our blog, we love you.

Our only aim here at RCG is to help more and more people get to know God and to grow in their faith with him. That is why we devote many hours to writing new posts, creating new content and brainstorming new ideas.

By entering your email and hitting the subscribe button you have helped us go past the 50 subscriber mark! You are helping more people to get to know God. By telling your friends about RCG, they too will be able to understand the ‘Good News’.

To allow even more people to find God, RCG recently started a Twitter page,cohere you get a heads up on all of our content here on RCGhub, before anyone else.

But, with your help, RCG can grow bigger, and the great news of God can be told to even more people. So, we are asking you today, to go out and tell your friends about RCG. It says in the Bible that evangelism is a good thing, and this is a great chance for you to do that. Just send them an email with a link to our website and let them explore from there.

Once again, thank you for everything you have done to help us in our journey to help more people get to know God. In the future we will continue to upload through provoking posts every week and encapsulate the online Christian world into one compact website.

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