The Bible: Our guidebook on life

guide book

As you read the Bible, you read stories of bravery, courage and hope. Along with Laws and Psalms (read our series of posts here). If you want it to be, the Bible can be your guidebook on life. It can help you get closer to God (along with RCGhub), give you solutions in the hard times and give you something inspirational to read when you are feeling down. You’ll find today’s human relations problems paralleled in the Bible.

Thankfully you can also find the solution to nearly all of these same issues. So think about that today and over the weekend. How can the stories in the Bible, guide you in your everyday lives? To leave you with on this pleasant Friday, here is a clip from the start of the LEGO Movie. This is the scene in which Emit is following his instruction book on life, step by step, along with his fellow humans. Think of how many Christians use the Bible to help them in their lives and persevere when the going gets tough. Please remember to like this post, comment your views and enter your email address in at the top right-hand side of the blog to subscribe to RCG for free! Enjoy the clip!

2 thoughts on “The Bible: Our guidebook on life

    1. No Problem. I hope you enjoy my posts, especially today’s on the Psalms. I would love it if you subscribed too.


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