5 Top Tips on Prayer

Been a Christian for a day, a year or the whole of your life? All of the RCG Team are Christians, and really enjoy writing posts, that hopefully, encourage and help you get closer to, and grow in your relationship with, God. However prayer is something that I personally find tough. I find talking to God about my problems easy, as I’m sure many of you and the all humans of the 21st Century do too. But, thanking God for all of the good he has done in my life, is something that is something I struggle with. Secondly, praying for others is just on another level all together.

If you can relate with me, attempt to pray regularly and struggle to know what to say, or just wants some useful tips on prayer, then this post is one to read.

1. Just start praying every so often (if you don’t already). Start with short prayer, and eventually you will be able to build up. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”, “Take it one step at a time”. Don’t wait for you to be in “the zone” or for it to be “the perfect time”. Just make sure there are no distractions around you (even the smallest of object could distract you).

Even if you don’t have time to stop and talk with God, then you can talk to him on your way to work in the car or on the way to the supermarket (store). Imagine he is an invisible friend, who is just beside you. If you visualize it this way, you will find prayer a lot easier. This is often the method I use, even when I am at home.

2. The time at which you decide to prayer is a rather important one. Lots of people choose to pray in the evening just before they go to bed. Personally, I think this is a great time (especially if you are not already in a routine) as your body is usually in a calm state and the distractions of the day aren’t around.

However this is one rather large downside to praying in the evening. That is that I will often find that, I haven’t got the energy to start a conversation with anyone, let alone the Almighty God. This is when it is you decision. Would you want to invite the Creator of the Universe, to visit them in such a poor state of mind? Choose your time of prayer wisely, it will be unique to you.

3. Say hello to God…

Sorry to keep you hanging, but you will have to wait as the we will be uploading a second post with the remaining three top tips. Follow us on Twitter (@rcghub) or hit the follow button, to find out when it is uploaded here on RCGhub.

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