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What is success? When and how, do you reach that success? – As with all runners, dancers, youth leaders, doctors and a myriad of other occupations and sports – perseverance is required to become the best! And rightfully so; however there are as many methods of reaching that end goal as there are people. But in God’s eyes, there is just one. To discover what this is and how we are told to live like Jesus did, including the answers to the first questions, continue reading.

Perseverance – ‘persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay’

‘Dear children’, John writes, ‘let’s not merely say that we love each other, let’s show the truth by our actions.’ Jesus gave his life to serve others compassionately, to do what is right and he invites us, as followers of him, to do the same. Jesus’ love was so powerful, it reaches out to all people; his enemies, strangers, friends and family. We must persevere to do what we know is right, ‘love our enemies [and] do good to them’.

This is by no means easy. To prosper and succeed in what we set out to do, we will have to overcome hurdles. We must persevere to continue even when the going gets tough. ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.’ – (Proverbs 5-6)

We can succeed through perseverance, but not without the almighty power of the Holy Spirit. But wait, this alone is not enough. As we read in Genesis, God first made Adam, but he was not alone, he had the power of the Holy Spirit (God). But God says, “This is not enough for Adam. He needs a close relationship with me but He also needs a close walk with others”.  So God made Eve, to walk with Adam and support him in his every day lives. We need other people in our lives who are looking out for us. Who can help us become everything Christ created us to be. With the power of the Holy Spirit and the support of those around, you can achieve anything; you can succeed!

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