Why do I worry? – A Practical Guide

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Worrying; we all do it, some more than others. Some worrying can be good, but more often than not, it can get out of hand and become detrimental the way we act and think.

Anxiety can be expressed in many ways, including worrying, which is what we will refocusing on in this post. We will look into practical ways of reducing the amount of time you worrying and how your relationship with God can help this.

“Do not worry about tomorrow… for each day has enough trouble of its own.”

– Matthew 6:34

When reading up on this topic, I realised that as well as the every day worries that occur but then soon dissipate, there is such a thing as background worrying. It’s so bad that it’s become anxiety and you are forced to react; you are surviving, but not relaxed. Background worrying is bad when we start to think it is an ok thing in life.

What would your life look like if you worried less?

If you were to open up your Bible, there are hundreds of verses  reminding us not to fear, for God is a loving heavenly Father. Because of Jesus, as Christians, we no longer have anything to be fearful of, neither the future or death. The Lord has a plan for our lives.

Next practically, we need to find, and address the root problem of your worrying to endeavour to solve it.  This is because, if you were to solve the surface level worry, another worry will emerge which is still linked to the original root cause.

To break it down further, here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 15.48.05

If this example I have conjured up, I can accept that I will enjoy writing the post even if not many people read it, at then stop worrying about as I know, worrying will not change the outcome of the situation. However, not curing the root cause will mean, that unless I understand my worth is found in God, sooner of later, a will start to worry again, this time about if people will enjoy my latest post.

What is the fear behind the fear?

For those who want a passage of the Bible to read, Matthew 6:25-34 is the passage which contains the verse at the beginning of this post and really resonated with me.

However, some stress, a type of anxiety, is good. There is much debate on this, but the general consensus is shown in The Yerkes-Dodson Curve below.


As shown, some stress (the precise amount and how that can be reached remains unknown) is advantageous to achieving optimal performance is what you are doing.

Despite this, the states and it remains true that background worry, “won’t add an hour to your life”. We need to remember to tackle the root cause of our worrying and ask ourself the big question, why do I worry?

I hope you have found something in this post of interest or use to you and I would ask you use the share feature below to allow others to benefit too from this practical guide. Also, feel free to comment below any further suggestions you have in regards to worrying or stress management.

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