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Thanks for a brilliant year

Three years ago the what was to become RCG Team were meeting for a new years party.We`d been interested in running a website for a while and one of the team had found a website called WordPress and had started a blog called RCG. That night at around 10:30 at night another blog was started called mybibleonline  RCG and mybibleonline worked side by side for a while before the authors combined to work on RCG. You can find a more detailed version on the History of RCG  page.

Since then 2014 has been our best year yet and we would like to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and what we want to accomplish next year.

Firstly we need to thank you. All you viewers and followers we want to say thanks for reading our blog you really make it worth it.This year we have picked up viewers from all over the world. We have seen the biggest growth in viewers from the US and France.

This year we launched The Scape which is specifically targeting our younger audiences with simple to understand language and use of mixed media to keep it interesting. Even if you are not a child or teen we strongly suggest you have a look at it. Next year we are aiming to put more new and exciting content on their.

Next year we want to continue what we have achieved this year. We are also hoping to write more posts than we have this year so you can find something new a majority of the time. We have got many new things coming to RCG so please stay tuned into 2015.

Once again,

Thank you for an amazing year

The RCG Team


The Meaning of Christmas

I’m sure you might have heard this hundreds of times in your life, but you will never stop hearing it because it is a huge issue. Children of the 21st Century and even adults don’t know the true meaning of Christmas. They don’t understand why they give and receive presents. What is the meaning of Christmas? Watch the video below and see what these American children think is the meaning of Christmas and why they get presents from Santa.

I hope you liked the video and it made you think about what you think Christmas is all about.

This post marks the start of many Christmas special posts which will be posted here on RCG up until the 25th December. Video, interviews, testimonies and much more, all here on RCG this Christmas. Stay here because you are going to learn new things about the meaning of Christmas with us this year.

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Bible Verse of The Day

If you find it hard to get through the day or you just need something to brighten up your life, then this website is for you.

CaptureI hope you like the look of the this and if you want to have a look at it for yourself, just click here.

Look out for more posts like this in the future, plus more app reviews. Finally, look forward to a post and page all based around prayer.