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Top 5 American Church Podcasts

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Thanks to the internet, not just the American readers among you have the ability to listen to some of the best Christian preachers, who speak in a number of church and events around the USA.

We have complied a list of 5 Christian Podcasts which can all be accessed for free online. Their topics are wide ranging and we really recommend if you enjoy listening to audio podcasts, this post is for you.

1 – Woodlands Church with Kerry Shook
With three sites, and at least 8 services every week, Kerry and Chris Shook has hundreds of podcasts available all for free, of the Woodlands Church services. They have been watched and listened to hundreds of thousands of times

series_facebook_kerry-chrisThe non-denominational Church which was founded in 1993 by Pastor Kerry Shook who “had a vision for a church that is driven by God’s vision to be bold and innovative to do whatever it takes to reach The Woodlands and surrounding areas for Christ.”

You can watch services live online, by clicking the link here or catch up on old services and special events on their YouTube channel by clicking here. As well as all of that, you can download their podcasts for free on iTunes here.


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5 Top Tips on Prayer

Been a Christian for a day, a year or the whole of your life? All of the RCG Team are Christians, and really enjoy writing posts, that hopefully, encourage and help you get closer to, and grow in your relationship with, God. However prayer is something that I personally find tough. I find talking to God about my problems easy, as I’m sure many of you and the all humans of the 21st Century do too. But, thanking God for all of the good he has done in my life, is something that is something I struggle with. Secondly, praying for others is just on another level all together.

If you can relate with me, attempt to pray regularly and struggle to know what to say, or just wants some useful tips on prayer, then this post is one to read.

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