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Popular Posts (March-June)

It has been a while since I recently uploaded a post and would like to use this post as an opportunity to share with you which posts have been the most well received and read recently and what you can expect here on the blog, in upcoming weeks.

parablesWe are currently in the middle of a series of posts in which we are looking deep into what God wishes to tell us through the parables, found in the Gospels. I really recommend you take some time to read some of the posts in the series, you will learn something new. (Click here to read the series).

This is a page which we have had here on RCGhub for some time now but has recently been completely changed as a result of one of your anonymous suggestions. While on the subject of this, we always accept your anonymous suggestions (click here to submit one) and strive change RCG to suit your needs and demands.

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