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Bi-Monthly Bulletin (January/February)


Once again, it is that time where we look back at the highlights of the last two months and review what is coming soon to the blog.

Since December, there have been many highlights inlcuding the Christmas series. There were 26 posts and nearly 200 views in one month! To read more about that, other highlights since January, what is to coming to the blog in the future and the true location of the RCG Christmas shoebox, continue reading.

  • If you haven’t already noticed we have finally gone round to removed the unwanted and unused pages from the blog, to create a clear looking, easier to navigate online Christian hub. Some of the changes include the suggestions page merging with the ‘Contact/Follow Us’ page.
  • On the completed ‘About’ page, you can now read about our ethos as a blog and what we aim to do. It also explains the four different sections of RCG, which help create such a good online hub of Christian resources.

Since January, we have been uploading posts twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday. There are have been many great posts that we have enjoyed writing and you have enjoyed reading. Here are just some of the highlights from January and February:

  • What life was like living as a refugee – This was a moving post, which you seemed to have enjoyed; writing it, changed my view on refugees for the better, forever. It is definitely worth a read and isn’t too long.

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Bi-Monthly Bulletin (October/November 2015)

If you are subscribe via email to RCG or read the blog regularly, then I’m sure you will be able to remember the last and first Bi-Monthly Bulletin. If you didn’t get the chance to read it, you can find it here. These ‘Bi-Monthy Bulletin’ posts are uploaded at the end of over other month. We will look back to the best posts, content and events of the previous two months and look forward to what is coming soon to RCGhub.

So, to start off with, the highlights of October and November on RCG!

  • The launch of RCGMedia. This month we launched a branch of RCG. RCGMedia, is the home of all of RCG’s interactive resources. On our YouTube channel, you can find exclusive videos, not here on the blog! RCGMedia also runs a page where you can find all of you favorite Christian Worship Songs in one place –
  • Halloween. Last October was the widely celebrated annual event of Halloween. We uploaded a post, (read it by clicking here) which included a video about a Christians view on Halloween. This post is worth a read.
  • Thanksgiving. Just last Thursday was Thanksgiving. The popular event in the USA is a great time to be thankful for all that you have and God has given you. RCG did nothing special for the day, but we would love you to comment below, how you spent the day.
  • Paris Attacks. I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the atrocities which occurred in Paris recently. We won’t be going into too much detail about the events, but hope that you will stand with those who have lost and #prayforparis. But still continue to show God’s love to others by #prayfortheworld. Read our two posts on ‘Prayer in everyday life’ by clicking here. Share you messages of love in the comments below if you wish.
  • Finally, one of our best post of these last two months was Jesus ‘not a real person’ many believe. This is not too long a post and definitely worth a read. In the post we look at a large survey’s report on people views about Christians and Jesus and provide you with the most interesting discoveries. Click here, to read the interesting post.

So now, looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.

  • There will be no Bi-Monthly Bulletin post for December. The next post like this will be in February.
  • The RCG Christmas Series. The team have been sorting out this series for a long time now and it is going  be a good one. Every day from tomorrow, until the 26th of December we will be uploading a post here to RCGhub! Each one will be short, interesting and very different. To receive each post via email, and not have to visit the blog every day, enter you email address in the box below and we will email you when a post is uploaded. We keep your details private and never pass them on.

To subscribe to RCGhub for FREE and receive an email every time a post is uploaded, enter you email below.

  • About Page. We hope to soon upload an ‘About Page’ explaining what we do here at RCG and include on the page, when posts are going to be uploaded here on RCGhub. At the same time as this, we hope to resort the pages, so they are more useful and easier to find what you need, when you need it.

We thank you all for your ongoing support, we really do appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you are looking forward to what is to coming here on RCGhub over Christmas, press the like button below. The video below is the promotion video for the RCG Christmas Series 2015, please watch, share and enjoy.

Bi-Monthly Bulletin (August/September 2015)

Here at RCG we want to always want to be bringing out content that you enjoy and want to read and share. This will be a post uploaded at the end of every other month and will contain the following and more.

  • The most popular posts from the last two months. (This will allow you to catch up on any posts you didn’t get the chance to read.)
  • The post we most enjoyed writing.
  • Information on upcoming content.
  • Any other information important to those two months or the upcoming months.

So now to August/September. This month was the month when we started once again to upload weekly posts to RCGhub, after we had the summer off. This month wasn’t too busy, but there were still many interesting posts uploaded. Most of all was ‘Guardians of Ancora – Full Review’. If you haven’t read it then I do recommend you do so.

As well as this we uploaded  another quote post, this time about Tim Keller and once again you seemed to really enjoy reading that. Finally, we ended the two part series on ‘Prayer in everyday life’ on the 12th September. These have been the most popular posts this month.

Looking forward into the future, the RCG Team have started work on this year’s Christmas series and believe you will really enjoy it. Look forward to a lot more information on that, in the next monthly bulletin.

We thank you all for your ongoing support, we really do appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you are looking forward to next months edition of, RCG’s Bi-Monthly Bulletin then hit the like button below.