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Why do I worry? – A Practical Guide

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Worrying; we all do it, some more than others. Some worrying can be good, but more often than not, it can get out of hand and become detrimental the way we act and think.

Anxiety can be expressed in many ways, including worrying, which is what we will refocusing on in this post. We will look into practical ways of reducing the amount of time you worrying and how your relationship with God can help this.

“Do not worry about tomorrow… for each day has enough trouble of its own.”

– Matthew 6:34

When reading up on this topic, I realised that as well as the every day worries that occur but then soon dissipate, there is such a thing as background worrying. It’s so bad that it’s become anxiety and you are forced to react; you are surviving, but not relaxed. Background worrying is bad when we start to think it is an ok thing in life.

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Persevere to success

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What is success? When and how, do you reach that success? – As with all runners, dancers, youth leaders, doctors and a myriad of other occupations and sports – perseverance is required to become the best! And rightfully so; however there are as many methods of reaching that end goal as there are people. But in God’s eyes, there is just one. To discover what this is and how we are told to live like Jesus did, including the answers to the first questions, continue reading.

Perseverance – ‘persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay’

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