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We are always trying to improve our content and would love it if you sent us your views on the blog. By submitting an anonymous suggestion at the bottom of this page or by contacting us, using the different methods below,  you can help us improve the quality of content being uploaded. Following us on Twitter will allow you to find out about content here on RCGhub, before anyone else. All of our posts are uploaded on Tumblr at the same time as here on RCGhub.

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Thanks to your suggestions, we have been able to make a number of changes to RCG, some of them are outlined below. If you have a suggestion or something we could change, submit it anonymously to us using the box below.

Our Responses, to your suggestions: 

“Posting inspirational verse is always a good idea. Grouping them around themes can make them more accessible to readers, and it would be great to know why you think they’re inspirational.” 2016 – Thank you for your suggestion, since then we have completely changed the Bible Verses page (click here to view it), now verses are categorised and easy to access by clicking on different images. I recommend you take a look.

“I think I prefer less frequent posts. I’m more likely to read them.” 2015 – After the Christmas series, in which we are uploading daily post until Boxing Day, we will be returning to uploading weekly posts here on RCGhub. And the occasional mid-week shorter post. I hope you understand and in the meantime we suggest you only read the posts that interest you.

“I am not such a fan of the dark background, prefer lighter colours.” 2015 – We do very much appreciate you sending us in your suggestions and as we have said above, we will listen to you.When this suggestion came through recently, the RCG Team discussed the layout and colours of the blog. Along with some other research we did with you the viewers, we came to the conclusion that we needed to change the colours, to lighter ones. So now today, you have a fresh, clean and updated blog layout.

“If Jesus was on earth today, would he be a fan of social media?” 2015 Thank you very much for sending us this question. We will do some research and further reading to produce a post about this question which will be uploaded here hopefully in the near future.

“I think I would like more guest writers” 2015  So would we! This is something we have been thinking about for some time and is something we are very excited about. In the future months, we hope to get many more guest writers on RCGhub. If you are interested in writing something, we’d love you to get in contact.

We would love you to share your views...

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