Studying the Parables of Jesus – #4

Over the last few weeks, we have looked to the gospels, to see what the Parables of Jesus have to say to us, and how they tell us how to live our lives. Obviously, with there being 46 parables, we will be unable to look at them in as much detail as we did with the Parable of Sower and the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Either if you are planning to study the parables of Jesus alone, or as a small group, I recommend you read this post. We have compiled a number of tips, great resources and helpful links to other great websites, all related to the parables of Jesus.

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It has been a while since I recently uploaded a post and would like to use this post as an opportunity to share with you which posts have been the most well received and read recently and what you can expect here on the blog, in upcoming weeks.

parablesWe are currently in the middle of a series of posts in which we are looking deep into what God wishes to tell us through the parables, found in the Gospels. I really recommend you take some time to read some of the posts in the series, you will learn something new. (Click here to read the series).

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Billy Graham Quotes: God’s Love


Billy Graham is an American evangelical Christian evangelist who died aged 99, after a life in which he spoke to millions of people about the grace of Jesus Christ, offered to everyone. Today I would like to focus on what he said in regards to God’s Love. If you want to read more quotes and Bible verses about God’s Love, you can find them on our ‘Bible Verses’ page.

“Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.”

Billy Graham

Another quote I wanted to share with you is the following,

“Where Love is, God is.”

Henry Drummond

Below is a wonderfully created short video which contains so truly inspiring and inspirational quotes from Billy Graham himself throughout his career. I hope you enjoy.

I have compiled a list of some more quotes to do with Gods love, which I recommend you have a read of if you have the time.  Continue reading Billy Graham Quotes: God’s Love

Famous Christians: You don’t stand alone!

Standing in life, knowing that God is there beside you, always with you, is something we can never truly comprehend; God created us so that he could have a relationship with us. God is there for you. As it says in Psalm 46, ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’

Romans 3

‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.’

– Romans 3:23-24

The extremely simplified diagram above briefly sums up the relationship between us and God explained here by Paul in Romans chapter 3.

However, today I am not here to talk to you about how ‘You are not alone’ , I’m talking about the millions of Christians around the world who have faith in exactly the same God as you, in particular, the famous ones. I have compiled a list of some celebrities whose faith in Jesus Christ has brought them to where they are today.

  • Nick Vujicic

nick vuj.jpgBorn in 1982, he is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with Phocomelia, an extremely rare disorder characterised with a lack of arms and legs. However Nick hasn’t let this stop him, he got married in 2012 and has had 2 children since. He urges people who the way to find hope even in the hardest of situations, such as his own is not to just stay positive, but to find strength in a personal relationship with God.

He once said, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet, then he can certainly use any willing heart!”

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