We have created this page so that anyone who follows, or even just looks at RCGhub, can anonymously submit and suggestion they want, directly to the RCG Team. How ever big or small, we will listen and try to put into action all of the suggestions submitted below. You don’t need to enter an email either, just revisit this page, around a week after submitting a suggestion and if we have done something about it, we will have written what we did, or are going to do, below.

The box below is for suggestions for something you would like us to write a post about, or a change to the layout of the blog, or the topic of a series, or any other suggestion that you can think of. Got something else to contact us about that isn’t a suggestion? Find all the different ways you can contact us on the ‘Contact/Follow Us’ page.

Our Responses, to your suggestions: 

“I think I prefer less frequent posts. I’m more likely to read them.” 2015 – After the Christmas series, in which we are uploading daily post until Boxing Day, we will be returning to uploading weekly posts here on RCGhub. And the occasional mid-week shorter post. I hope understand and in the mean time we suggest you only read the posts that interest you.

“I am not such a fan of the dark background, prefer lighter colours.” – We do very much appreciate you sending us in your suggestions and as we have said above, we will listen to you. So when this suggestion came though recently, the RCG Team discussed the layout and colours of the blog. Along with some other research we did with you the viewers, we came to the conclusion that we needed to change the colours, to lighter ones. So now today, you have a fresh, clean and updated blog layout. All thanks to the great suggestion of one of you.

“If Jesus was on earth today, would he be a fan of social media?” – Thank you very much for sending us this question. The RCG Editing Team will work to produce a post about this question which will be uploaded here to RCGhub some time in the Autumn. In the mean time, feel free to send type in another suggestions you have in the box above. Click here to see another bloggers response to your question.

“I think I would like more guest writers” – If this was your suggestions, then thank you as it is something we are very excited about. In the future months we hope to get many more guest writers on RCGhub. If you are interested in writing something yourself, feel free to contact us.