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Bi-Monthly Bulletin (August/September 2015)

Here at RCG we want to always want to be bringing out content that you enjoy and want to read and share. This will be a post uploaded at the end of every other month and will contain the following and more.

  • The most popular posts from the last two months. (This will allow you to catch up on any posts you didn’t get the chance to read.)
  • The post we most enjoyed writing.
  • Information on upcoming content.
  • Any other information important to those two months or the upcoming months.

So now to August/September. This month was the month when we started once again to upload weekly posts to RCGhub, after we had the summer off. This month wasn’t too busy, but there were still many interesting posts uploaded. Most of all was ‘Guardians of Ancora – Full Review’. If you haven’t read it then I do recommend you do so.

As well as this we uploaded  another quote post, this time about Tim Keller and once again you seemed to really enjoy reading that. Finally, we ended the two part series on ‘Prayer in everyday life’ on the 12th September. These have been the most popular posts this month.

Looking forward into the future, the RCG Team have started work on this year’s Christmas series and believe you will really enjoy it. Look forward to a lot more information on that, in the next monthly bulletin.

We thank you all for your ongoing support, we really do appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you are looking forward to next months edition of, RCG’s Bi-Monthly Bulletin then hit the like button below.

NEW PAGE: Suggestions

Suggestions Box

Whoever you are, this post is for you. All I am asking for is two minutes of your time to read this post and then however long it takes you afterwards (if you have the time available), to submit a suggestion. In return the RCG Team will read and try as hard as we can to put your suggestions into action. As RCGhub is a hub, it is everyone’s website, a space on the internet where you can share  your views and learn from others. Because of this we will happily change something about RCG, even if it just helps one person strengthen their relationship with God.

Anyway, this post is about the new suggestions page. We have created this page so that anyone who follows, or even just looks at RCGhub, can anonymously submit and suggestion they want, directly to the RCG Team. How ever big or small, we will listen and try to put into action all of the suggestions submitted. You don’t need to enter an email either, just revisit the page, around a week after submitting a suggestion and if we have done something about it, we will have written what we did, or are going to do, at the bottom of the page.

The box on the new page is for suggestions for something you would like us to write a post about, or a change to the layout of the blog, or the topic of a series, or any other suggestion that you can think of. Got something else to contact us about that isn’t a suggestion? Find all the different ways you can contact us on the ‘Contact/Follow Us’ page.

So now you know the one easy and quick thing we would love you to do. You can find the page next to all of the other pages down the left hand side of click the link below. To make it even easier for you to enter an anonymous suggestion, you can type it in the box below.

Click Here – Suggestions Page – Click Here

Introduction – Bible Verse Tuesday #1

This is the first post in an exciting new series here on RCG. However, before we dive deep in God’s word and uncover incredible, unspeakable promises to us, you get to read this boring introduction post. I’m sorry.

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” – Matthew 4:4

Unlike any other series we have had here on RCG, posts in this series will be shorter and uploaded on a weekly basis (every Tuesday morning). This is because we believe that instead of normally providing you with huge amounts of content and pieces of scripture. We want you to be able to read posts in this series in a short space of time, in the morning, before you go to work or school or start the days jobs. Then you will be able to contemplate the verse and meaning/message behind it, how it could affect you.

So, to summarise this series. Posts will be uploaded every Tuesday morning (around 6.00am). They will be fairly short posts analysing a verse from the Bible, with an aim of getting you to think about what it means to you.

If you are still unsure about any aspect of this series, feel free to Contact Us. Also, before you leave, hit the like button, if you are looking forward to and excited about the Bible Verse Tuesday Series.

Is God a male or female?


On the 2nd of June this year, an article was uploaded to the BBC which looks at the gender of God. In this post we will be analysing the article and giving you extra information on the topic, to allow you to make your own mine up about the issue.

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