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Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Unknown Quote

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

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Is God a male or female?


On the 2nd of June this year, an article was uploaded to the BBC which looks at the gender of God. In this post we will be analysing the article and giving you extra information on the topic, to allow you to make your own mine up about the issue.

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Psalms #5 – Psalms 23


Psalms 23 is probably the most well-known Psalm in the bible. This post in the Psalms Series is going to be a bit different to the others. As this psalm is probably the most well-known and there are many explanations to what David meant dotted around the internet, I am going to talk about what can be learnt from this Psalm however I will leave a link to a few websites which talk more about the meaning.

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RCG’s Most Popular Posts

For those of you who are new relatively new to RCG or haven’t read all of our posts, I’m sure you will benefit and enjoy reading this post. In preparation for this I have been looking through all of RCG’s stats for every single one of our posts we have ever uploaded here on RCGhub. I have brought together our most viewed, liked, and shared posts. Along with the RCG Team’s most favourite posts and the ones we most enjoyed writing. I have also provided you with a short explanation of what the post contains. So here they are.

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