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Why should I read the Bible?


Many people, start the new year by setting New Years resolutions. We wrote a post, during January of this year, in which we put a Christian twist on some modern, 21st Century resolutions. A very popular one for Christians today, especially younger ones, is to read some or even all of the Bible. By doing this, they receive a sense of achievement along with the thought they now understand the Bible and its meaning better.

In this post we will be looking at why you should read the Bible and how. We will also giving you information about our new and upcoming series.

We have constructed a list of the most important reasons you should read your Bible.

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The Bible: Our guidebook on life

guide book

As you read the Bible, you read stories of bravery, courage and hope. Along with Laws and Psalms (read our series of posts here). If you want it to be, the Bible can be your guidebook on life. It can help you get closer to God (along with RCGhub), give you solutions in the hard times and give you something inspirational to read when you are feeling down. You’ll find today’s human relations problems paralleled in the Bible.

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