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NEW PAGE: Suggestions

Suggestions Box

Whoever you are, this post is for you. All I am asking for is two minutes of your time to read this post and then however long it takes you afterwards (if you have the time available), to submit a suggestion. In return the RCG Team will read and try as hard as we can to put your suggestions into action. As RCGhub is a hub, it is everyone’s website, a space on the internet where you can share  your views and learn from others. Because of this we will happily change something about RCG, even if it just helps one person strengthen their relationship with God.

Anyway, this post is about the new suggestions page. We have created this page so that anyone who follows, or even just looks at RCGhub, can anonymously submit and suggestion they want, directly to the RCG Team. How ever big or small, we will listen and try to put into action all of the suggestions submitted. You don’t need to enter an email either, just revisit the page, around a week after submitting a suggestion and if we have done something about it, we will have written what we did, or are going to do, at the bottom of the page.

The box on the new page is for suggestions for something you would like us to write a post about, or a change to the layout of the blog, or the topic of a series, or any other suggestion that you can think of. Got something else to contact us about that isn’t a suggestion? Find all the different ways you can contact us on the ‘Contact/Follow Us’ page.

So now you know the one easy and quick thing we would love you to do. You can find the page next to all of the other pages down the left hand side of click the link below. To make it even easier for you to enter an anonymous suggestion, you can type it in the box below.

Click Here – Suggestions Page – Click Here

The New Scape

A few weeks ago we launched the Scape. It is aimed at teenagers and answers questions and gives help and advice. Recently we have been working on an updated version, after much thought we decided to completely relaunch it. A few weeks ago we allowed people to start having a look at it and we have continued to update the site ready for our proper launch.

So it is with much pleasure that the RCG team would like to launch The New Scape. We decided to call it The New Scape because we believe that youth are going to change the face of the earth. We were originally going to call it the next generation however we decided against that as we believe that youth aren`t the next generation as young people do make a difference and are often in a prime position to do so.

We have been asking for testimonies from young people and we really enjoyed this one.

I have grow up in a christian family and when I was little I didn’t really understand who this God everyone in church was talking about. But it is only very recently that I have realised who God is and what everyone was talking about. In these past couple of years I have really felt that God has been with me.
Last year at Spring Harvest I had a really hard time because my older sister was leaving me out but God helped me get through everything.This year at Spring Harvest I was really worried about going because I was going alone to my group but I found some really nice and friendly people who I made friends with on the first day. This year I have really felt God with me, helping me through my first year at secondary school and helping me find me who God really is.
I felt really sad when I first felt God was with me. It felt weird but powerful, it also felt like I was reaching out to him but I didn’t know how I was doing it. The best solution I found was just simply to pray about it to get people to help you, to pray with you. Last year and this year I have felt God so much and he has helped me so much that I decided to be baptized, which will happen sometime in the summer. Probably the most challenging thing about being a christian is whether you have made the right choice and the choice I have taken is to baptized. 

We quickly like to publicly like to thank the author of that testimony as it can be quite hard to talk about your relationship with God.

If you have enjoyed this testimony please take a look at The New Scape as we plan to add more over time. We would love it if you can pray for us as we launch The New Scape and continue work on RCG.

Thanks for reading please like, comment and follow both RCG and The New Scape.

Psalms #3 – Psalm 78 (Bob Hartman)

As you can see from the title of this post, in this post we will be analysing Bob Hartman’s favourite psalm; 78. Unlike last weeks post, this poem is written by a man called Asaph. Asaph was a Levite in the court of King David. “A member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi, especially of that part of it which provided assistants to the priests in the worship in the Jewish temple.” – Levite Dictionary Definition. This is a very long Psalm which records the history of Gods people from Egypt until the time of King David. Join us and read more, as we uncover new facts about this widely unknown psalm and understand more at the complicated message behind the poem.

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The Psalms #1 – Introduction

The Book of Psalms is one of the most popular books in the Bible for Christians. This is mainly because it covers so many different topics of a Christian’s life. Now you might think that the Psalms are a very old and out of date book, but as you will find out in this series, it still applies to our lives today. This is most visible in worship. Many traditional hymns and also contemporary Christian worship songs use the Psalms to formulate their lyrics. You can listen to many of these songs on our Worship Songs page. We will find out how the Psalms tell prophesies of later events in the Bible. We will uncover the truth behind some of the most well-known Psalms, who wrote them and when. Not only that, but we will be looking at well-known Christian writers and preachers favourite and helpful Psalms. Look forward to all of that and more in this series.

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