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Bi-Monthly Bulletin (January/February)


Once again, it is that time where we look back at the highlights of the last two months and review what is coming soon to the blog.

Since December, there have been many highlights inlcuding the Christmas series. There were 26 posts and nearly 200 views in one month! To read more about that, other highlights since January, what is to coming to the blog in the future and the true location of the RCG Christmas shoebox, continue reading.

  • If you haven’t already noticed we have finally gone round to removed the unwanted and unused pages from the blog, to create a clear looking, easier to navigate online Christian hub. Some of the changes include the suggestions page merging with the ‘Contact/Follow Us’ page.
  • On the completed ‘About’ page, you can now read about our ethos as a blog and what we aim to do. It also explains the four different sections of RCG, which help create such a good online hub of Christian resources.

Since January, we have been uploading posts twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday. There are have been many great posts that we have enjoyed writing and you have enjoyed reading. Here are just some of the highlights from January and February:

  • What life was like living as a refugee – This was a moving post, which you seemed to have enjoyed; writing it, changed my view on refugees for the better, forever. It is definitely worth a read and isn’t too long.

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