Topic Series Links

On this page, you will be able to find links and brief explanations to all of the topic-specific series we have had on RCG in the past. By clicking any of the links below, you will be directed to a page containing all of the posts that were in that series. We hope you enjoy reading them and find them beneficial.

The Parables of Jesus: Click here to read – May/June 2016 (4 Posts)

As the title suggests, this series of posts looks at a number of Jesus’ parables. Each post contains factual information on the story, as well as an explanation of its meaning and how it impacts us today as Christians. With the well-known parable of the Good Samaritan, we explain a rather different reading of its meaning.

Christmas Series: Click here to Read – December 2015

RCG Christmas 2015 Logo

This series ran every day over the course of a month. It consists of over 30 posts which are all completely different in style, based the themes: God’s Love, God’s Compassion, God’s Forgiveness and The Christmas Story. Highlights include, an interview with Compassion UK, Christmas myths debunked and the meaning behind a number of Bible verses.

The Truth of Crucifixion: Click here to read – March 2015 (2 Posts)

In this series, we uncover the truths behind what actually happened to Jesus’ body when he was crucified by the Romans, the torture tools used, and explain the truths behind common misunderstandings. However be aware that material in this series contains graphic descriptions which may not be suitable for everyone.

God is with you: Click here to read – February/March 2015 (6 Posts)

This series of posts is all about how God is always with you even, during the times when you lose faith and doubt his word. We look deep into his word and give you verses and the stories related to faith and the strength we have in Jesus. No matter where you are currently in your relationship, we look at areas of the Bible in this series you may have never considered before.

Easter: Click here to read – March/April 2015 (4 Posts)

This Easter series explains the Easter Story all the way from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each post includes what happened on that day, and why it is still significant to millions of people around the world today. It contains a number of up to date videos and images as well as passages from the Bible. This series ties in very well the series on the crucifixion.

The Psalms: Click here to read – April/June 2015 (8 Posts)


We have a look at one of the most popular books in the Bible in this series. You might think that the Psalms are a very old and out of date book, but as you will find out in this series, they still very much apply to our lives today. Each post contains the analysis of one Psalm, including who wrote it, important background information regarding the time. Each post then allows you to construct your own views on what the poem means before we tell you our views. Psalm 78, included in the series was chosen by Christian writer and speaker Bob Hartman as his favourite Psalm.

Bible Verse Tuesday: Click here to read – June/August 2015 (6 Posts)

In this series, we take verses from a plethora of different books in the Bible and uncover incredible, unspeakable promises to us. Each of the posts are short and were uploaded on a weekly basis, with the intention of allowing you to read each post in a short space of time, potentially in the morning or before bed at night. You are then encouraged to take time to contemplate the verse and meaning/message behind it, before considering how it could affect you.

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